Arkansas Agriculture

Dairy production has long been an important part of American and Arkansas agriculture. Milk and other dairy products from cows and goats remains a staple in the diets of most Americans, however, over the course of the past two decades, fluid milk consumption per capita has declined, and sales of low-fat milk have increased relative to whole milk. Dairy farmers have faced a variety of challenges that have led to a decline in dairy operations in Arkansas. 

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Arkansas Dairy Facts

  • In the state of Arkansas, there are close to 30 licensed dairy herds.
  • The size of the dairy farming industry in Arkansas makes it the 46th largest milk-producing state in the United States.
  • Milk production on Arkansas dairy farms yielded approximately 7 million gallons of milk in 2021.
  • Arkansas farms generate approximately $11 million in milk sales annually.
  • In Arkansas, the average dairy cow produces about .8 gallons of milk per day. That’s more than 1,395 gallons of milk over the course of a typical year.
  • Arkansas has three plants that process one or more dairy products.

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