Who Can Help?

We have included contacts for Arkansas Farm Bureau:

For persons not listed or for general information, please contact Arkansas Farm Bureau, P.O. Box 31, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0031 or give us a call at (501) 224-4400.


  • Jarrod Yates
    Executive Vice President
  • Matt King
    Senior Vice President of Administration and Advocacy
  • Karen Wood
    Corporate Secretary
  • Leslie Terrell
    Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Jeff McClure
    Events Director
  • Jenny Ward
    Marketing Director
  • Autumn Wood
    Membership Marketing Specialist
  • Hannah Gage
    Assistant to the Executive Vice President

Environmental Issues

  • Evan Teague
    Vice President, Environmental Issues


  • John Bailey
    Vice President, Commodity and Regulatory Affairs
  • Brandy Carroll
    Director, Commodity Activities and Market Information
    (Rice and Cotton)
  • John McMinn
    Director, Commodity Activities and Economics
    (Soybean and Specialty Crops)
  • Jake Cartwright
    Director, Commodity Activities and Economics
    (Beef, Equine and Dairy)
  • Tyler Oxner
    Director, Commodity Activities and Economics
    (Aquaculture, Forestry and Wheat and Feed Grains)
  • Jared Garrett
    Director, Commodity Activities and Economics
    (Poultry, Small Ruminants and Swine)
  • LaTosha White
    Administrative Assistant


  • Leigh Pruss
    Vice President, Finance
  • Lisa England 
    Senior Accounting Assistant
  • Christy Roberts
    Finance Staff Assistant
  • Jennifer Jones
    Finance Staff Accountant
  • Sandra Powell
    Billing & Payables Clerk
  • Cindy Robertson
    Accounting Assistant/County Records
  • Tanicka Burnett
    Accounting Assistant/County Records
  • Dana Spillyards
    Accounting Assistant/County Records


  • Vincent Marchese
    Facilities Director
  • Tyler Fox
    Assistant Facilities Director


  • Stanley Hill
    Vice President, Public Affairs & Government Relations
  • Mark Lambert
    Director of State Affairs 
  • Catrinia Rojas
    Coordinator, Policy Development & Legislative Research
  • Jay Robbins
    Director, National Affairs
  • Will Hopkins
    Director, Local Affairs & Rural Development
  • Angela Griffin
    Public Affairs and Government Relations Assistant


  • Justin Reynolds
    Vice President, Organization and Member Programs
  • Jeremy Wesson
    Director, Organization and Member Programs
  • Dustin Hill
    District Director-SW, Organization and Member Programs
  • Austin Lester
    District Director-SC, Organization and Member Programs
  • Abbie Ribble
    District Director-SE, Organization and Member Programs
  • Jason Kaufman 
    District Director-NC, Organization and Member Programs
  • Jeremy Miller
    District Director-NW, Organization and Member Programs
  • Tanner Riggin 
    District Director-NE, Organization and Member Programs
  • Matt Jackson 
    Director of Education and Outreach
  • Donette Spann 
    Director, Ag in the Classroom
  • Lindsey Rucker
    Education Coordinator
  • Amanda Williams
    Director of the Women’s Leadership Program & Farm Bureau Foundation
  • Jennifer Craig
    Director of Leadership Development
  • Rhonda Whitley
    Organization and Member Programs Assistant
  • Lori Croy
    Organization and Member Programs Assistant
  • Myra Moix
    Organization and Member Programs Assistant


  • Steve Eddington
    Vice President, Public Relations
  • Bryan Pistole
    Director of Public Relations
  • Jason Brown
    Policy Communications and Media Relations Director
  • Ashley Wallace
    Digital Production Specialist
  • Matthew Magdefrau
    Video Production Specialist
  • Shaylee Wallace-Barber
    Digital Media Specialist
  • Chad Hooten
    PR Specialist
  • Justin Rotton
    PR Specialist
  • Cindra Jones
    Public Relations Assistant 
  • Leslie Poe
    Graphic Support Specialist
  • Jennifer Patterson
    Production HUB Coordinator
  • Vickie Underwood
    Mail/Copy Assistant
  • Steve Mooningham
    Production HUB Coordinator

(Mailing address)
Arkansas Farm Bureau
P.O. Box 31
Little Rock, AR 72203-0031
(501) 224-4400

(Street address)
Arkansas Farm Bureau
10720 Kanis Road
Little Rock, AR 72211-3825