Garden Grants

The Outdoor Classroom Garden Mini-Grant Program is designed to show that agriculture is an integral part of our everyday environment. Farms, wildlife, forestry, people and cities are all interrelated with agriculture. As most of Arkansas’ wildlife resides on and feeds off of private property, including farms and timberlands, the gardens can demonstrate the connection between agriculture, food, fiber, conservation, wildlife and the urban environment.

For details on criteria, award amounts, deadlines and more, download the Grant Application here.

Garden Grant Application cover


Any questions regarding the Outdoor Classroom Garden Mini-Grant Program should be directed to Donette Spann at 501-228-1222 or Lori Croy at 501-228-1306.

Grant applications and status reports may be mailed to:

     AITC, Arkansas Farm Bureau,

     P.O. Box 31, Little Rock, AR 72203

Or, email to: