Black Vulture Depredation

Black Vulture Depredation Sub-Permit Notification, Application and Approval Process

Arkansas Farm Bureau has received a limited statewide depredation permit that allows for three (3) black vulture “takes” where black vultures are depredating on livestock. Livestock producers who are experiencing depredation may apply for a Livestock Protection depredation sub-permit that if approved will allow producers to protect livestock against black vulture attacks. This program allows for takes of black vultures only. No other protected migratory bird species is authorized to be taken under this program.

Interested livestock producers may submit a sub-permit application by clicking the link below. Applications must be fully completed by the livestock producer for consideration. All applications will be reviewed within two (2) business days of receipt.  An initial three “takes” may be issued to an approved applicant, however, an additional two “takes” maybe requested by calling the Commodities and Regulatory Affairs at 501-228-1300 and providing your current permit number.

In accordance with the federal permit, all black vultures “taken” under the Farm Bureau Depredation permit must be hung in effigy.  Proper practices for hanging black vultures in effigy can be found here.

ALL applicants must agree to the terms and conditions of the original statewide depredation permit.

No later than December 31st, ALL approved applicants are required to report the date and number of birds killed under their approved sub-permit. Applicants are not allowed to kill any birds in excess of the number approved in the sub-permit, or of any other migratory bird species. Livestock producers may apply to amend their original sub-permit to include additional “takings” but must first receive official approval before taking additional black vultures. To report the number of black vultures taken, the sub-permittee can click on the "Report Takes" button below. 

Any livestock producer experiencing severe depredation from black vultures is encouraged to apply for an individual migratory bird depredation permit from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and/or work with USDA APHIS Wildlife Services (WS) by calling 501-835-2318 to address their specific situation. Producers cannot be issued a depredation permit by USFWS and apply for and be approved for the Arkansas Farm Bureau depredation sub-permit. The Arkansas Farm Bureau Commodity and Regulatory Affairs Department will assist livestock producers experiencing severe depredation in applying and receiving approval for a USFWS migratory bird depredation permit.  You may contact the Commodities and Regulatory Affairs Department for assistance in submitting an individual depredation permit application.  

The Migratory Bird Depredation Permit is a Federal permit, and all livestock producers applying for and receiving approval of an Arkansas Farm Bureau Livestock Protection Depredation Sub-Permit will be required to follow ALL USFWS Migratory Bird Depredation Permit rules and regulations. Failure to do so could result in Federal citations and fines.

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